Quality has always been considered of the greatest importance in all areas of our Company.
At the end of the 90’ we strongly needed to certify the quality gained during the years, the ISO 9001, a company quality certification (later called 9001:2008),  was attained through the Italian Naval Register (RINA), being one of the few companies in Italy to get it in so short time after a few months from our request.

Then O.F.S. does not even have missed to estimate the environmental problems, so introducing goals for the ethical and environmental compliance in

the company policy and achieving the QA ISO 14001:2004 certification in August 2011.
All company sectors are focusing on the quality processes, as for our strong motivation to continue  improving and join our best efficiency  to the high degree of effectiveness requested by the Customer.

In order to guarantee their quality,  on request O.F.S. products can be certified according to the International Standards by the main certification bodies belonging to IACS, to guarantee the quality of the product.

Marine / Off-Shore – Petrolchemical : API, ATEX, ASME, …
Industrial / Machines for construction equipment: ISO, DIN, …